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Buffalo Turbine offers the most powerful debris blower in it class.  The debris blowers have been engineered and manufactured to be durable, lightweight, easy to operate and service.  The unique Turbine Design provides superior performance and satisfaction which equates to a faster return on your investment.

  • Cooling
  • The BT-MEGA, is the most powerful turbine debris blower in the industry driven by a 40hp Kohler Command PRO engine
  • Powerful, economical, quiet, the Cyclone KB4 is equipped with an electronically governed 27hp Kohler engine
  • The redesigned Cyclone PTO unit incorporates cutting edge technology by using a direct drive gearbox in place of belts, pulleys, jackshafts and pillow blocks resulting in the lightest, most powerful, PTO driven, turbine styled debris blower available
  • Light, powerful and strategically priced, the Cyclone 8000 is the answer.  Equipped with a 14 hp Kohler engine and a 360⁰ remote nozzle control, this debris blower is versatile enough to travel in and out of confined areas resulting in quick and speedy debris removal
  • The new Cyclone Squared, has escalated debris removal to a new level and will complete jobs faster while paying for itself in time and labor savings
  • The BT Hydraulic unit will adapt to the most “Skid Steer” loaders
  • Buffalo Turbine’s Front Mount debris blowers are built to last and have features that make them superior to the competition
  • The Sandevil attachment from Buffalo Turbine is capable of improving the aerification and topdressing process on golf courses, sports fields and turf farms
  • Poultry
  • The Buffalo Turbine Monsoon featuring the industry first turbine driven Gyratory Atomizing Nozzle is a powerful, cost effective misting system designed to immediately control and suppress dust, odor and smoke in industrial or commercial applications
  • Buffalo Turbine CSM3 Turbine Vector/Sprayer for barrier spraying, larviciding, odor control and insect control

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