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Committed to providing superior quality turf maintenance equipment, Jacobsen is renowned for their commitment to quality, innovation and green initiatives. Jacobsen has nearly a century of experience designing, manufacturing and delivering turf maintenance equipment.  This singular focus has allowed Jacobsen to achieve and maintain their legendary quality-of-cut from each machine within their full line of products. 

  • Riding Greens Mowers
    • Eclipse 322 (Available in Hybrid and Electric) – Will save you time and money AND improve on the superior quality-of-cut
    • GP400 (Available in Gas and Diesel)  – Combines the features of its predecessor, the G-Plex III, with superior ergonomics and engineering to better meet the needs of operators and mechanics
    • Greens King (GK)IV Gas/Petrol, GKIV Plus Gas, GKIV Plus Diesel – Least expensive and lightest weight riding greens mower
    • TR320, TR330 - superior slope capabilities and maneuverability making it the only choice for tight places and challenging terrain
  • Walking Greens Mowers
    • Eclipse2 – Offers best in class quality of cut, industry leading productivity and customized control
    • Greens King 500 Series – Durable and reliable, comes standard with Jacobsen’s legendary quality of cut
    • PGM 22 – A durable gear and chain drive keeps this walking greens mower, mowing with little maintenance required
    • Mower Caddy for your Walking Greens Mower – Make it easier than ever to load walking greens mowers on and off so you can get your job done in less time
  • Fairway Mowers – Light Fairway (LF)
    • LF510 – Newest addition, provides superior quality-of-cut, fits the budget and is a simple Tier 4 Final emission regulation solution
    • LF550/LF570 – One of the most productive and cost-effective mowers on the market
    • SLF-530 – Lightest fairway machine in the industry
    • HF600 - Exclusive combination of the widest cut and narrowest transport width gives you the ability to mow between bunkers, around trees or down fairways
    • MH5 - tractor-mounted large area reel mower provides a unique, cost effective alternative to traditional reel mowers
  • Rough Mowers
    • Turfcat – Simple yet powerful design is efficient to operate and easy to maintain
    • HR600 designed for simplified maintenance, operator comfort, and productivity to keep you mowing
    • HR700 - most efficient use of power with it's high strength, high performance steel and a compact chassis design
    • HR800 - ideal mower for those who want to spend less time, labor and fuel maintaining large areas of grass
  • Trim Mowers
    • AR-3 – Perfect for maintaining tricky bunker and tee surround areas
    • AR321- Delivers a superior quality of cut to all corners of any facility
    • AR331 - Advanced technology and the necessary functionality to heighten productivity while delivering a quality cut
    • AR522 - Glides over contours and climbs hill with ease with four-wheel drive traction, weight transfer control and TrimTek decks
    • AR722T- Boosting productivity with the superior power, contour following and cutting flexibility
  • Heavy Duty Utility Vehicles
  • Sprayers
  • Aerators

For more information on Jacobsen products, call us (808) 671-2811, Toll-free interisland (800) 628-9328 or visit Jacobsen.

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