Tier 4, You and A Cleaner Environment

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While the impact of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Tier 4 diesel emission reduction mandate have been publicized previously, it may be a good time to take a last look at options before time runs out in a few months.

Click here to view Jacobsen EPA Tier 4 Standards Overview

Some of you may have already experienced the impact of this EPA mandate.  Tier 4 requires significant upgrades to new diesel engines in the 25-75 hp range.  The main focus of these upgrades is to reduce Nitrogen Oxides (smog) and Particulate Matter (soot or unused fuel that gives dirty engine exhaust its black color).  In addition to clearer air, Tier 4 systems will generally lead to improvements in engine noise, fuel economy, engine torque output, and diagnostic capabilities. 

However this cleaner air comes with a price – new Tier 4 price increases have ranged from 10% to almost 20%.  While prior Tier transitions have been completed with minimal expense impact, Tier 4 regulations require a major and expensive overhaul.  The Tier 4 turf equipment will generally be outfitted with new engines and exhaust systems, advanced electronic controls, additional after treatment filtration, updated cooling systems, and redesigned frames to accommodate the larger engine and exhaust systems.  In addition, the electronically controlled fuel injection systems may require some training and new diagnostic tools.

Jacobsen has voluntarily enrolled in a Transition Program for Equipment Manufacturers a number of years ago and has been “banking engine FLEX credits” which allow Jacobsen to use previous tier engines beyond the January 2013 implementation date. Other turf equipment manufacturers may also have banked FLEX credits available; however, these credits will ultimately be depleted and all equipment manufacturers will be required to use only Tier 4 compliant engines in the near future.

We anticipate that pre-Tier 4 Final product will be available from Jacobsen on a limited basis through the end of 2013.  Certain products have already transitioned to Tier 4 and the availability of previous tier product cannot be assured.  To help maximize your capital equipment dollar, B. Hayman is glad to offer the following options:

·         Buy Now - before the Tier 4 Final price increases become effective

·         Commit Now, Pay Later – commit to a future purchase of a pre-Tier 4 model and we’ll reserve a current unit for you and pass on the price savings to you

·         Buy Used – we have a limited assortment of used or demo inventory at great prices

·         Buy Under 25 Horsepower – value priced Tier 4 compliance fairway mowers are available now. 


·         Jacobsen LF 510 or Jacobsen LF 1880 – 5 gang, 5” diameter reels, 24.7 hp diesel fairway mowers for a well under $50,000.

We also assist with equipment financing.  Please call us, we’ll be glad to help you with all your turf equipment needs.